Interior Horse Council
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Fairbanks, AK 99708-5063
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What is the Interior Horse Council?
The Interior Horse Council (IHC) is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization promoting safe education and training of amateur equestrians in interior Alaska.

How is the Interior Horse Council different from the Interior Horseman's Association and other local equestrian organizations?
IHC is an umbrella organization, furthering responsible horse activities regardless of breed, discipline or age.  It assists local equestrian clubs and individuals by providing riding facilities (in conjunction with the Tanana Valley State Fair Association) and supporting equestrian education and activities.  Sponsored programs include clinics, youth camps, seminars, and lectures.

Who benefits from IHC?
Most IHC beneficiaries are youth programs, but activities for all ages and skill levels are fostered.  4-H currently has the largest statewide program for training young riders, with about 100 youth enrolled in the Tanana district.  Three local Pony Clubs teach English riding and jumping, with a combined membership exceed 50 youth.  Two handicapped riding programs in Fairbanks serve around 20 disabled children and adults.

Where can I find activities supported by IHC?
Most activities are conducted at the Tanana Valley State Fair Associationís equine facilities.  IHC has provided funding, expertise and oversight to the Tanana Valley State Fair Association, co-developing equestrian fairground improvements including safer arenas, a wheelchair accessible mounting area and announcerís booth.  IHC's members serve as arena ride managers for IHC programs held at the Fairgrounds.

How can I join IHC? 
Click here to download an application and pre-addressed envelope.

What are the benefits to joining IHC as opposed to only joining one of its supported clubs?
Membership dues provide liability insurance coverage, and pay for equipment needed for activities & facilities used by many local equine organizations.  For example, during 2011 we built several new jumps and are purchasing others duing 2012, for use by multiple area horse clubs.  IHC membership also includes several free ride nights per week during most of the summer at the Tanana Valley State Fairgrounds, because of the extensive work IHC members have done at the Fairgrounds, including building & improving equestrian arenas, building an announcers booth and purchasing a watering system for arena dust management. 
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